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Are you facing competitive challenges, evolving technological environment and increasingly demanding regulatory reviews?
Do you know the impact of efficient risk management on your profitability?
Our Risk & Control team helps you to optimally manage your risks and reduce their related losses.

Clients Case Studies

objectif Objective

Accompaniment of a bank across the implementation of a risk governance system

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis of Risk Governance and definition of an action plan

2. Implementation of Risk Management function

3. Animation the new Risk Committee

4. Analysis of the bank’s exposure to various financial Risks (credit, liquidity, market, rate)

5. Analysis of the operational risks within agencies network and definition of a Risk mitigation plan

success Achievement 

Implementation of Risk Governance System

objectif Objective

Operational Risks’ Mapping of all the Bank processes and definition of KRI

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis of operational Risks’ current management and recommendations

2. The elaboration of the operational risks’ Mapping covering all core business and support processes

3. The implementation of Risk mitigation plan

4. Definition and implementation of Key Risk Indicators (KRI)

5. Definition of Dashbords to monitor KRI

success Achievement

  • Operational Risks Mapping validated by the TOP management
  • Adoption of KRI’ monitoring system by the operational Risks’ team

objectif Objective

Critical analysis of customer scoring system and specification of a new scoring model, within the project related to the acquisition and implementation of a new scoring solution

travaux Phases of work

1. Analysis of current scoring system and adjustments’ proposal

2. Definition of the operating mode following the implementation of the scoring solution

3. Assistance during the implementation of the solution and its integration within core business software

success Achievement

  • Scoring model analyzed
  • New Scoring solution implemented

objectif Objective

Accompaniment of a financial institution through the implementation of an internal control and internal audit systems

travaux Phases of work

1. Strengthening the internal control and internal audit systems

2. Implementation of the Internal Audit Procedures Manual

3. Upgrade skills through Internal Audit Training sessions

4. Conduct of joint audit missions with the Internal Audit team (Audit of the branches and audit of the internal services)

success Achievement

Implementation of the new organization and processes within the Internal Audit ‘ Department and successful skills transfer

objectif Objective

Updating the Risk Mapping and elaboration of the audit plan (2016-2018) within a Tunisian telecommunications operator

travaux Phases of work

1. Risks Mapping Completed and Updated

2. Clear and precise methodology (processes and procedures) to ensure the continuity and sustainability of updating the Risks Mapping

3. Audit Plan from 2016 to 2018

4. Clear and precise methodology (processes and procedures) to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the planning work concerning the audit program

success Achievement

Risks Mapping update & Audit Plan developed and validated by the TOP management



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