We assist Banks by putting forward different service offering,  from the accompaniment through digital transformation to strengthening operational efficiency,  but also Risk Management and Information Systems

Our Consulting Services 

Clients Case Studies

objectif Objective

Diagnosis of the digital maturity of a bank and proposal of a digital pilot project

travaux Phases of work

1. Training of the project team on the main concepts of digital transformation and harmonization of concepts

2. Diagnosis of the bank’ digital maturity based on six axes and recommendations

3. Bank’s positioning within the local banking market and presentation of benchmarks on  best international practices

4. Proposal of pilot project to test the bank based on digital transformation’s six axes

success Achievement

  • Diagnosis made within six weeks
  • Choice of a pilot project around the digitization of retail banking

objectif Objective

Assistance across the bank transformation and development of its electronic payment activity

travaux Phases of work

1. Market study on electronic payment in Tunisia and best international pratices

2. Presentation of initiatives for the improvement of the bank’s electronic payment offer

3. Assistance in initiating new payment cards

4. Assistance in the selection of an electronic payment solution

5. Assistance in the implementation of the electronic payment solution

success Achievement

  • Launch of five new payments cards
  • Electronic banking solution implemented within six months

objectif Objective

Accompaniment across the optimization of financing delays for a banking product

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis and analysis of existing banking processes based on Lean Six Sigma methodology

2. Identification of improvement’ key opportunities

3. Optimization of the bank funding processes, to reduce delays and costs

4. Design of a measuring device

success Achievement

Optimized delays, a better service quality and improvement of customer satisfaction

objectif Objective

Operational Risks’ Mapping of all the Bank processes and definition of KRI

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis of operational Risks’ current management and recommendations

2. The elaboration of the operational risks’ Mapping covering all core business and support processes

3. The implementation of Risk mitigation plan

4. Definition and implementation of Key Risk Indicators (KRI)

5. Definition of Dashbords to monitor KRI

success  Achievement

  • Operational Risks Mapping validated by the TOP management
  • Adoption of KRI’ monitoring system by the operational Risks’ team


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