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The world changes! The industrial or services company is seeing its environment evolving every day

Consumption patterns are changing, international competition is intense, production tools and technology are evolving, the price boom of raw materials,  Expert human resources are more and more demanding and coveted, The quality of service becomes a fundamental argument for the customer.

The company needs to find growth drivers, it has operational efficiency issues for improving performance and costs optimization.
The Top management of the company is looking to have tools to better pilot the activity and control risks. The technological developement  is an opportunity  to monitor its processes and develop distribution channels.

Accompany Consulting assists you in your transformation and brings you operational solutions thanks to an expert team, in the following areas:

The public sector


Service Centers

The pharmaceutical

Mass distribution

Travel and
tourism agencies



The telecoms sector is facing a changing consumer demand (explosion of uses, multiplication of digital content, etc.) in parallel to a  technological evolution.

The rivalry between operators is more and more rough and the regulatory environment is changing.  Furthermore, the risks linked to fraud are multiplying.

The sector is continuing its transformation (consolidation of operators, economic models’ changes, …)

The historical operators have to constantly modernize their processes, systems and services. The new operators have to develop their customers portfolio as well as new products and differentiating services .

The issues of Management ontrol, Fraud, Risk Management and Revenue Assurance are becoming increasingly important.

Accompany Consulting’s team specialized in the Telecom sector supports you in your transformation and brings you operational solutions.

Our Consulting Services    

Clients Case Studies

objectif Objective

Profitability improvement and performance optimization – Leading Tunisian Group in technical control, inspection and compliance

travaux Phases of work

1. Detailed diagnosis of the Group around  4 axes:

i. Strategic & commercial

ii. Operational

iii. Financial

iv. Information system

2. Synthesis of the Recommendations around the 4 axes

3. Elaboration of an action plan & a Roadmap

success Achievement

Definition of a detailed action plan and a roadmap of identified project

objectif Objective

Accompaniment of a public institution across the  conception and implementation of its Information System

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis and evaluation of the IT function

2. International Benchmark of Best Solutions for Auditing and Financial Control

3. Elaboration of the functional target and definition of a plan of action

4. Definition of Terms of Reference (TOR)

5. Assistance in the selection and acquisition of IT tools and equipment

success Achievement

Acquisition and implementation of target IT tools

objectif Objective

Profitability improvement and optimization of the performance of an agri-food Group

travaux Phases of work

1. Global diagnosis based on the following 4 axes: Industrial, Organizational, Marketing and Commercial

2. Specification of the recommendations in order to allow the group to remedy the problems of quality and marketing of products and thus to face local competition

3. Definition of the restructuring projects and elaboration of a detailed action plan and a roadmap of the identified projects

success Achievement

Roadmap validated by a detailed action plan that meets target customers expectations

objectif Objective

Updating the Risk Mapping and elaboration of the audit plan (2016-2018) within a Tunisian telecommunications operator

travaux Phases of work

1. Risks Mapping Completed and Updated

2. Clear and precise methodology (processes and procedures) to ensure the continuity and sustainability of updating the Risks Mapping

3. Audit Plan from 2016 to 2018

4. Clear and precise methodology (processes and procedures) to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the planning work concerning the audit program

success Achievement

Risks Mapping update & Audit Plan developed and validated by the TOP management


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