Strong global growth in 2016

87 billion $ (+12,6%)

1045 Institutions

111,7 million people

Microfinance has experienced significant growth (double-digit growth) over the past two decades.

it’s  enabling the financial inclusion of more than 100 million people, mostly women,  all over the World and particularly in poor countries.

In parallel, the Microfinance Institutions  are facing major challenges, particularly with regard to the transformation of these MFIs into structured financial institutions or banks, operational efficiency on their Processes including Quality of Service, Digital Transformation and Technological Remote Payment Solutions.


In Tunisia, new circular of the Central Bank (CBT)

In Tunisia, Leasing companies are subject to the new circular of the Central Bank of Tunisia: Circular to Banks and Financial Institutions No. 2016-06 relating to the scoring systems


In France, Factoring is growing strongly, dominated by banks’ subsidiaries!

During 2015 in France, Factoring recorded another significant increase on its revenues.

As at 31/12/2015, the total turnover within a sample of 8 companies is around 237 billion euros of purchased receivables , a progression of 9.7% in 2015 after the strong rebound of 2014 (+14.1%).

The Factoring sector is dominated by the banks’ subsidiaries. In the first line, we find:

1 / BNP Paribas Factor

2 / Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring (Eurofactor)

3 / CGA (General Factoring Company), a subsidiary of the Société Générale Group

4 / Natixis Factor, a subsidiary of the BPCE group

5 / GE capital, the first non-banking actor

Furthermore,new innovative digital actors like FinexKap are developing their market share.

Our Consulting Services      

Clients Case Studies

objectif Objective

Setting ambitious objectives for developing the business strategy of a Leasing company and improving its market share

travaux Phases of work

1. Analysis of the company’s portfolio

2. A Benchmark based on the leasing market data and definition of the target market/segments

3. The definition of internal growth levers and elaboration their implementation’ roadmap

success  Achievement

Areas for improvement of the business activity and the definition of internal levers of growth

objectif Objective

Assistance in the selection of a Global Banking’ solution as part of the reform of the Information System,  within a Microfinance institution

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis of functional and technical coverage across the existing information system

2. Conducting workshops to collect and analyze the target requirements

3.  Drafting of the specifications/RFP(questionnaire: functional, technical, financial…)

4. Examination of received tenders

5. Assistance in  the negotiation with short-listed software companies

6. Assistance in the contractualization process

success Achievement

Selection of Global Banking System and contractualization


Definition of the operational implementation plan for the transformation of a financial institution into a bank

travaux Phases of work

Definition of the target operational projects required for the initiation of the new bank in coordination with the project team and the top management, based on the following axes :

1.  Strategic vision

2. Commercial model

3. Operational model

4. Information systems

5. Human ressources

These axes contribute to the elaboration of the accreditation document and the operational implementation plan

success Achievement

Detailed implementation plan for the launch of the new bank

objectif Objective

Accompaniment in the implementation of risk governance system within a Tunisian Leasing company

travaux Phases of work

1. Diagnosis of Risk Governance and proposal of an action plan

2. Identification and analysis of Financial Risks

3. Accompaniment of the Risk Management department in its work

4. Elaboration of Operational Risks’ Mapping of a pilot process

success  Achievement

Implemented Risk Governance system/ Operational Risks’ Mapping of a validated pilot process


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